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Father and His Daughter Wounded in Mine Explosion at Home

A man and his three-year-old daughter were seriously injured when a mine laid by the Houthi militia exploded in their home in Ad Durayhimi,  a district situated in the port city of Hodeidah, west Yemen.

After it had been used as a barrack by the Houthi militia, Othman Mohammed Abdullah and his three-year daughter came back to their home, not knowing it was booby-trapped.

The mine exploded while Othman was trying to move a bed inside the house, local sources told Alomanaa Net.

According to eyewitnesses, the man and his kid were taken to the nearest field hospital in Ad Durayhimi after residents heard the sound of explosion and rushed to the scene of the accident.

“The mine explosion left Othman with an amputated leg and sustained wounds caused by shrapnel. His daughter was injured, too, but not as bad,” a medical source spoke on condition of anonymity.

The Iranian-backed militia have been too immersed in planting unmarked mines in every place they had to withdraw from, including streets, houses, and government facilities.

As a result, many residents have fallen victim to such mines and explosive devices.

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