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Houthi Gunman Kills Preacher: Things Extremists Have in Common

Shocking Incident

Everybody hears the shocking news about the deadly attack that took place in New Zealand, where a gunman killed scores of unarmed Muslims who were peacefully worshiping God in two of New Zealand’s mosques.

Similar Incident in Yemen

Today, in a similar incident, a Houthi gunman killed – in cold blood – a preacher in one of Dhamar’s mosques, a province located to the south and southeast of Sana’a capital of Yemen.

According to local sources, the gunman, who is affiliated to the Houthi militia, killed a preacher named Mohammed al-Izi in Al Kaliba Mousque, in Al Hada district, Dhamar, central Yemen.

Things Extremists Have in Common

One thing that terrorist groups and extremists have in common is that they kill innocent and religious people and give misleading impression on the religions they claim they defend.

Another thing, they do kill in the name of God or whtever ideology they believe in.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula ( AQAP ) and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria ( ISIS ) have beheaded hundreds of peaceful people, most of whom were Muslims, in the name of Islam.

Likewise, the Houthi militia have blown up tens of mosques and killed unarmed and religious people, also in the name of defending Islam.

These fanatic groups pose a grave danger to many generations to come.
Peace and coexistence don’t exist in their dictionaries. The only language they speak is the language of blood and hatred.

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