Yemeni Child Lost His Legs to a Landmine, Yet He Keeps Smiling

People in war-torn Yemen, the poorest country in the Arabian Peninsula, are and will be suffering from landmines that Houthis have laid for a long while.

Last Saturday, Republican Yemen told the story of an old man whose legs were lost to a Houthi landmine. Today, we tell the story of an almost-ten-year-old boy called Derhm Mohammed. This little lad, like thousands of innocent civilians, fell victim to the Houthi merciless killing devices.

Far in a mountainous village called a Tahyta in al-Hodeida, west Yemen , lived a young boy with his family. This young boy had lost his limbs to a landmine laid in his area.

How did it all happen?

Before they were forced to pull back from the area, the Houthi militia had planted enormous mines.

One day, His mom took him and his sister outside. He was happily running and playing around his old abode. Like he always did, he ran ahead of them and challenged his sister to catch him. His mom, with a smile, asked him to quit being naughty and walk with them.

Little did his compassionate mom know her smile would be replaced with profound grief. As Derhm was jumping , a mine exploded and ripped off his thin legs before his mom’s very eyes.

Hearing the sound of the explosion, the villagers hurried to the scene accident. They found Derhm lying down with dismembered legs. His mom and sister were injured, too, but not as bad.


This young kid is not able to run, jump or even walk. He will be like this for the rest of his life.
His father had sold everything he owned to pay for the treatment his son, daughter and wife got.

Fearing for their safety, they decided to displace to Almatina village, where they live now in a cave-like house.

Despite what Derhm and his family have gone through, we did not think we will see him with a smile on his small face. perhap he has just learned to live with this bitter fact.

The Iranian-backed militia has been too immersed in planting unmarked mines in every place they had to withdraw from, including houses and government facilities.

Such mines do nothing but take lives or cause permanent physical damage to innocent people and Derhm probably won’t be the last victim of this militia.

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