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RWB: Ten Yemeni Journalists are Likely to Face Capital Punishment

The NGO Reporters Without Borders ( RWB) is concerned that ten Yemeni journalists who have been held since 2015 by the Houthi militia may face death penalty.

On February 19, the Yemeni journalists were informed, as they stood in what the Houthis call “State Security Court”, that they had been charged with working for the Saudi-led coalition , an offence punishable by death sentence in the so called Houthis’ judicial system.

“For four years, the ten journalists went through terrifying conditions in Houthis’ provisions, being tortured and abused,” said Sophie Anmut, who is in charge of the Middle East Office of RWB.

RWB said that the Yemeni journalists suffer serious physical injuries due to the continuous torture they had gone through in the Houthis’ prisons. It also added that they were forced to admit crimes they had never committed.

According to RWB, the Houthis are likely to have detained these 10 journalists on unproved charges, suspecting those journalists to have leaked information that the Arab coalition could use to bomb sites used for military purposes.

A report revealed by Amnesty International also indicated that there are currently 17 journalists in detention in Yemen: 16 of them are detained by the Houthis, and the other one is held captive by al Qaeda.

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