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Heads of GPC and Islah Parties Slaughtered by Houthis in Hajoor North Yemen

After taking over Al Abaisa area, in the province of Hajja north Yemen, Houthis have carried out mass killings against their anti-combatants as well as slaughtering top leaders of political parties in Hajoor, north Yemen.

Sheikh Falat, head of the Islah party, and Mohamed al-Hadi, a leader in the same political party, were reported to be killed yesterday.

This comes a day after the rebels blew up their homes and detained their family members.

Spokesperson for Kusher tribes Sheikh Zaid Arjash, who is also a leader in the Nasserite party, is reported to be wounded, local sources said.

Last Friday, the Iranian-backed rebels killed Mohammed Hamoud Alomari, head of The General People’s Congress ( GPC ) branch in Kusher district, and his two sons in their home.

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The Houthi rebels imposed a strangled siege on Hajoor – home to 100000 people – for more than 50 days after tribesmen took up arms against them. Ever since, the militia has been committing brutal crimes against the people of Hajoor, even after they took over the area.

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