Report Released: Over 1400 Abductees in 2008

In its annual report, Association of Abductees’ Mothers said 1441 civilians were abducted, including 114 women, in 2018.

The Association listed the number of abductees according to the cities they belong to:

Place                            N0. Abductees              men           women        children

1- Sana’a City:                    236                         154             109                0
2- Hodiedah:                     190                          188               2                 0
3- Sana’a Governate:          156                            0                0                 0

The report entitled “Mothers at the Gates of Prisons” also listed a number of 294 cases of enforced disappearance which are as follows:

Place                               No. Cases
1- Hodieda:                          73
2- Taiz:                                 37
3- Sadaa:                              37
4- Aden:                               15

The report also monitored 709 cases of torture against the abductees during 2018:
Place                                No. Cases
1- Sana’a City:                       134
2- Hodieda:                           120
3- other:                                445

As for cases of torture that led to death, 28 cases were reported, 22 of which were proved to be in Houthis’ prisons.

Finally, the report indicated that 189 cases of civilian abductees who were exchanged with Houthi fighters.

The Association met with most of the released abductees, who expressed anger with the way the exchange was carried out, saying that Houthis used them as a card to have their fighters released.

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