Human Rights Minister Calls on the UN to Announce Hajour a Disater Area

In a press conference held in Cairo, Yemen’s Human Rights Minister Mohammed Askar called today on the United Nations and the High Commissioner for Human Rights to consider the area of Hajour, located in the province of Hajjah, a disaster area.

Mr. Askar said the UN must put pressure on the Houthi militia to open safe corridors for the exit of civilians and allow the arrival of relief teams.

He also said it’s not understandable why the UN and the International Community stand by and watch in silence.

The confess shed light on crimes committed by the Houthi militia against the people of Hajor, revealing the killing of 62 civilians and wounding 217 others, including children and women.

According to government-owned Saba Net, the Houthi militia has practiced and imposed all forms of repression against its opponents, in defiance of international humanitarian law, the United Nations and the international community.

Hajour, situated in Haja province, north Yemen, has been witnessing ongoing battles for the past two months. The Houthi rebels have been accused of committing continuous crimes, including the firing of ballistic missiles, against the people of Hajour, who refused to be subject to their rule.

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