Houthis Commit Brutal Crimes in Hajoor North Yemen

The Houthi militia kept committing crimes in Alabisa area, western Kasher in Haja province, north Yemen.

The Iranian-backed rebels killed yesterday Mohammed Hamoud Alomari, head of The General People’s Congress ( GPC ) branch in Kasher district, and his two sons.

 ” The Houthi militia broke into their house in Alabisa area and murdered them  in front of their family,” a field source told Today’s News. He added that the Houthi militia also killed  two civilians, a man and his wife, in Alabisa area.

According to eyewitnesses, the rebels blew up several houses in the area of Alabisa, including Mohammed Alhadi’s house, who is a leading figure of the resistance in Hajour.

This comes amid fierce confrontations in the southern and northern parts of Kasher district despite the fact that the  Houthis managed to storm the area of Alabisa, which is located east of Hajour.

Field  sources said the ongoing battles in the northern and southern parts of Kasher district led to scores of deaths and injuries from both sides, including prominent tribal leader Abu Muslim Alzaakari and his son.

In a press statement, Sheikh Falat, a leading figure of the resistance said, ”   the humanitarian situation is catastrophic. They prevent food and medicine from entering the area and shell water tanks.”

The Saudi-led coalition, for its part,  launched late yesterday seven air strikes, targeting the rebels’ positions in Hajour and the surrounding areas, according to Mareb Press.

Hajour, situated in  Haja province, north Yemen,  has been witnessing ongoing battles for the past two months. The Houthi rebels have been accused of committing continuous crimes against the people of Hajour, who refused to be subject to their rule.

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