Stockholm Agreement Appears to Be Dying as Battles Intesify in Hodeidah West Yemen

Escalated battles erupted last night between the Houthi militia and joint pro-government forces in the port city of Hodeidah

As the UN and international community struggle to convince the Houthis to implement the Stockholm agreement signed in December 2018, the Iranian-backed rebels intensified their  attacks on both military sites and populated areas in the province of Hodeidah.

According to a joint forces spokesman, fierce confrontations flared up between the Houthi militia and joint forces backed by the Arab Coalition in the Al Duraihimi area of Hodeidah on Friday night.

“The Houthi rebels have been intensifying their attacks over our sites not just in the port city of Hodeidah. They have been repeatedly attacking suites controlled by our forces and forces from the National Resistance which are led by Major General Tariq Saleh, the nephew of the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh” Mr. Al Sakladi told the National.

The Houthis also launched a mortar  attack on a factory in Ikhwan Thabit Industrial and Commercial Complex, for the third time in a month,  causing an outbreak of  huge flames in the complex, local sources said.

It is obvious that there is “NO” end in sight to the misery of the people of the already impoverished country as  the Stockholm agreement appears to be dying.

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