Two Thousand Nine Hundred Women Have Been Killed or Wounded in Taiz Central Yemen

On International Women’s Day, Human Rights Information and Training Center ( HRITC ) said it has, since the outbreak of the devastating war in Yemen, documented 402 deaths and 2495 injuries of women in Taiz.

According to HRITC, those women fell victims to Houthis’ shelling, firing and bombardment on the four-year besieged city of Taiz.

The statement also revealed 16 women were killed and another 21 wounded in Taiz by explosive devices and landmines laid by the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.

HRITC called on all political forces in Yemen, state institutions and local and international civil society to protect vulnerable Yemeni women and accused the Houthi militia of instilling hatred into people, using divisive, rhetorical speeches.

It also emphasized that thousands of Yemeni women are in need of rehabilitation.

” This devastation is man-made, with an emphasis on the word “man.” Yemeni women have every reason to want peace, ” Amat Alalim Alsoswa — Yemen’s former minster of human rights — said in an article she wrote yesterday for The Washington Post.

She added, ” the current violent conflict has seen an erosion of traditional Yemeni respect for women and girls”

The Houthi movement is  infamous for violating Yemeni women rights through killing, injuring, abducting and detaining them.

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