Tribal Leaders Deny Losing Ground to Houthis in Hajour North Yemen

Tribal leaders said in a statement released late Wednesday that they withstood the Houthi attacks and held firm.

According to the statement, tribal leaders of Hajour area denied alleged victories propagated by the Houthi rebels.

The statement has given special thanks to Saudi Arabia for supporting the besieged area of Hajour with food aid and ammunition dropped by Saudi’s planes.

Earlier today, the Iranian-backed rebels announced securing al_Abisa and the surrounding areas in Keshr district in Haja, north Yemen _ claims denied by tribal leaders in Hajour.

In response to such claims, Abu Muslim al_zakari said, on his page on Facebook, ” There is no going back. Either we live free or die with dignity.”

Local sources said, Saudi-led coalition launched air strikes targeting the rebels’ position in the area.

The besieged area of Hajour, located in Haja province, north Yemen, has been witnessing intense battles for almost two months.

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