Report: Houthi Rebels Killed, Injured 233 Civilians in Hajour North Yemen

A coalition of rights, together with some local organizations in Haja province ,North Yemen, issued a report on war  crimes committed by the Houthi rebels against the people of Hajour in Kesher district.

The report has shed light on the number of the civilian casualties  of the war the Houthis have been waging against Hajour tribes.

According to the report, 52 people, including 2 children and three women,  were killed and another 181 wounded, some with fatal wounds  due to direct targeting on houses and villages.

The report, conducted by a coalition of rights, indicates that the Houthis have broken into about 756 houses and blew up many others.

Nearly 20 thousand students are deprived of education and 2500 thousand people are out of work, the report revealed.

It also added that almost 2200  families displaced, warning of an imminent humanitarian catastrophe.

the Houthis used  – since the onset of the battles in Hajour –  various types of heavy  weapons, including ballistic missiles, to subdue Hajour tribes while the international community remains silent.

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