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Houthi Rebels  Launch Three Ballistic Missiles on Hajour North Yemen

Determined to  storm Hajour at any cost, the Iran_backed Houthi rebels launched a ballistic missile, the third one in a week,  today on Hajour in Haja province, North Yemen.

According to local sources, the missile hit Aldirb Mountain  killing more than three civilians, including a woman and a child, and leaving  dozens wounded.

Earlier this week, the Houthi militia fired their first two ballistic missiles on Hajour. No casualties  were reported as the missiles failed in reaching their target and  landed in uninhabited areas, sources said.

Following the missile attacks, Saudi_ led coalition launched 3 air strikes, targeting reinforcements for Houthi fighters and destroying a truck carrying ammunition in the fronts surrounding the area of Hajour, field sources said.

The Houthi rebels have been launching offensives on Hajour for over a month. However, they failed to advance  on the ground as tribesmen stood their ground and fought back fiercely, which explains why the rebels began using ballistic missiles on tribal areas.

This new development raises many questions  of why the world keeps a blind eye to the Houthis’ barbaric actions.

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