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Houthi Militia Shell Residential Areas, Dozens Killed and Wounded in South al-Hudaydah

For the past five days, the Houthi rebels have been indiscriminately shelling residential areas, killing and wounding scores of civilians in  the southern  parts of the port city of al-Hudaydah, West Yemen.

Today morning, three civilians were killed and six were wounded when  the Iran-backed rebels launched a mortar attack on al-Jabalia area in al-Tuhaiyta district, which lies 100 kilometers to the south of the coastal city  of Hudaydah, local sources said.

According to the same sources, the rebels shelled  a resident’s house  which resulted in  killing and injuring 9 of his family members.

Last Saturday, two people were killed and another ten were wounded, two of whom were children,  when the Houthis shelled residential areas in the district of al-Tuhaiyta. ” Some with fatal wounds were taken to Aden city,” a medical source said.

Reports confirmed that five children were killed and dozens were wounded  Thursday in the western part of al-Tuhaiyta district.

“Republican Yemen” obtained the names of the causalities of the massacres the Houthi militia have been conducting.

Despite the Redeployment Plan of troops  brokered by the UN, which the rebels said they would comply with, the Houthis  kept breaching the agreement and went on killing innocent people in the port city of al-Hudayda.

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