Suspected of Working for Saudi-led Coalition, Houthis Arrest 4 People in Haja North Yemen

Many civilians in rebel-held areas are reported to be arrested for being accused of cooperating with the internationally recognized government and the Arab coalition.

Houthi-run media announced on Wednesday that their security services arrested four people in the province of Haja north Yemen, claiming that they were working for the Saudi-led coalition.

According to the Houthi-run media, the four people were allegedly  monitoring  and  reporting on locations of the rebel forces. Such charges were proved to be fabricated , local sources said.

Suspects Fahd Hamdan, Saeed Ali Saeed, Rashid Hassan Mohammed and Abda Saleh Al Qutabi were forced , under pressure and intimidation, to confess crimes they did not commit.

The sources indicated  that Houthis fear an uprising that might rise against them, which makes them subjugate society through conducting arrest campaigns.

Haja Province is witnessing rising tensions as a result of the ongoing battles and the siege imposed on Hajour by Houthis.

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