Tribesmen Drive Houthis back during Intense Battles in Hajour North Yemen

The area of Hajour continues  witnessing Fierce  battles between tribesmen and the Houthi militia in Haja, north Yemen.

The Houthis suffered heavy losses after tribesmen managed to drive them back from the areas of Qarayat and al_Zela, sources said.

During the past two days, Hajour tribesmen recaptured a lot of mountains and hills in the area.

Last night,  the Saudi_led coalition conducted a military landing of weapons and ammunition, which was  the third time the coalition had supported Hajour Tribes.

In a press interview, Sheik Abu Muslim Alzakari said that the  Houthis have been  attacking Hajour, fearing its people would join the government forces as well as the need to secure  their fronts in Haja.

According to Sheik Abu Muslim Alzakari,  33 tribesmen and 150 Houthi fighters were killed  so far during  what he called  ” battles of existence”.

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