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Houthi Movement Leader Implicitly  Incites His Followers to Escalation in al_Hudayda

Abdulmailk al_Houthi, head of the Houthi movement, ordered his militia members – in a televised speech –  to be on full alert, emphasizing that his group has options to respond to any potential escalating in al_Hudayda, west Yemen.

To some monitors, this new development came as a surprise after he assured that his group was going to abide by the Redeployment Agreement.

Earlier today, the Houthis rejected  to draw back from Alsaleef and Rass Eissa ports which is part of  the first phase of the Redeployment deal that was scheduled to be carried out today.

He added that there is stalling in terms of the Swedish Convention, accusing the other side – the Yemeni government –  of evading the implementation of the Swedish Convention.

The Houthi leader went on justifying not complying with the first phase of the redeployment deal linking it to other issues such as prisoners swap, economy, and the file of city of Taiz.

” If they went back to escalate the situation militarily, we have other ways to respond, ways that I don’t prefer to talk about,” said the Houthi leader, which some considered as an implicit call to cease the implementation of the al_Hudayda agreement.

The government team in the Redeployment Committee said that the UN have  to be well aware of  the connotation of his speech as he ordered  his fighters to be  prepared for confrontations.

According to some sources, the Houthis claim that the delay was due to the need to settle some  differences between their field leaders, which the government  think of as an unacceptable pretext, calling the UN to be firm with the rebels.

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