Houthis Hinder First Phase of Redeployment Plan in al_Hudayda

Iranian-aligned Houthi forces, for the second time, got  in the way of implementing the first phase of the  Redeployment Plan , which was supposed to begin yesterday, in al_Hudayd, west Yemen. The Houthis asked to put it off until today. Yet they, as expected,  hindered the process again.

Local sources confirmed that the first phase of the redeployment agreement, which was agreed that Houthis pull out from Alsalif and Raas Eissa ports,  giving access to remove the landmines they laid , was impeded.

The Yemeni government accused Houthis of breaching the agreement. ” The UN monitor General Michael Lollesgaard  is facing a real test to prove he is up to doing his job” said Askar Zaeel, a government team member in the Redeployment Committee.

Earlier this month, the Houthis agreed to a proposal by the UN for mutual redeployment of forces in al-Hudayda city and its strategic ports.

The Yemeni government, for its part, has conditionally agreed to the troop redeployment plan

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