Houthis Launch Toughest Assault on Hajour in North Yemen, a Genocide Is Imminent

Desperate to storm the district of Hajour in north Yemen, the Houthis have been fiercely attacking the area  from different fronts.

A military source said that the Houthis gathered their fighters and started to advance, covered by intense firing, on the  western and northern parts of the district.

Thousands of residents, including elderly people, women and children, fled the area and headed  to the nearby  mountains,  fearing death. In the meantime, the Iran-backed militia targeted the area with heavy artillery, said to be the heaviest, according to the same sources.

Tens were reported to be  killed and hundreds were injured while thousands fled their homes to unknown places.

The people of Hajour  appeal to the  humanitarian organizations to interfere and stop the massacre, saying  that they are facing a genocide.

Sources confirmed that Abdulalmalik Alhouthi, the head of the Houthi rebels, gave his fighters a two-day time limit  to end the ongoing battles in Hajour, inciting them to use  whatever brutal and inhumane ways.

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