Escalating Battles between Tribesmen and Houthis in Hajour North Yemen

Hajour dstrict is witnessing escalating battles between Houthi rebels and tribesmen after Qafla Athar, part of Amran province, tribes joined the frontlines for the first time since the onset of the confrontations.

Tribesmen from Qafla Atha tribes, Souda and Tho Nahra tribes in particular, clashed with Houthi fighters after cutting  off a supply line used for reinforcements by Houthis, tribal sources said.

Sources have confirmed that clashes expanded to Aladna Bilad Abdu Shaia in Qafla Atha and pointed out that Houthi fighters turned and fled the battleground after suffering heavy losses.

Following fierce clashes, Ather and Qafla  tribes called for immediate mobilization to confront Houthis after seizing a tank, an armored vehicle and three personnel carriers , according to tribal  sources.

The battles coincided with fierce battles in Abyssa and heavy artillery shelling by the Houthis on Beni Ripan, Beni Halis and Abyssinia.

Houthi activists confessed that they have sustained heavy casualties on networking sites as they spoke of losing a great number of fighters.

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