Two Women Killed by Explosive Device Planted by Houthis South Hodaida

A man and two women were killed Wednesday morning by an explosive device in a village adjacent to Hays directorate in south Hodaida, western Yemen.

Medical Sources said that a man and two women, riding on a motor cycle, were killed by an explosive device planted on the road.

The victims, Futtini Masib Bishara and the two sisters Alia Ali Sulaiman Bishara and Jouda Ali Suleiman Beshara were dead right after the explosion despite attempts made by the local residents to take them to the nearest field hospital in the area, local sources said .

It is reported that Houthis infiltrate liberated areas in south Hodaida and plant explosive devices as well as landmines, not to mention the indiscriminate shelling on Hays, el-Tuhaita and elsewhere .

The death toll and causalities in Hodaida are recorded to be on the rise as a result of Houthi landmines and explosive devices.

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