A Yemeni  Woman Disappears & Finger Points at Houthis

The phenomenon of kidnapping women in the capital Sana’a has been on the rise after Houthis were unmasked for detaining over 120 women in special incarcerations.

On February 4, Iman Muhammad Yahya al-Bashir was reported missing  in one of the capital’s streets.

Saddam al-Bashir, a relative of hers, said that she disappeared  in the morning of February 4 from 16th Street in Bait Mead, announcing  a reward of one million riyals for those who will give valid information about her..

According to Saddam al-Bashir, Iman is  a married woman with three children: two boys and a girl. He appealed  to anyone for any information that will help deliver her safe and sound to her family.

Earlier this week, a human rights organization has revealed alarming information about the existence of secret prisons supervised by the Director of Criminal Investigation in the capital Sanaa, Sultan Zaben. These women are kidnapped and charged with fabricated crimes.

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