Tadhamon International Islamic Bank Halts Functioning due to Houthis Extortion in Yemen

Tadhamon International Islamic Bank (TIIB) suspended its financial transactions for one day and then resumed work  in the headquarter and its branch in Sana’a, Yemen.

Staff of TIIB went to the street protesting and demanding to release  the employees that Houthis had arrested.

Earlier this week,  one of the bank officials, along with two other employees, was arrested and taken to the so called National Security  after TIIB declined to give Houthis a portion of the profit for the fiscal year in 2018.

No official statement has been given so far, yet some sources have indicated that TIIB has threatened to  permanently suspend functioning.

Since the outbreak of the war in Yemen ,  many companies, factories and national banks  in areas subjected to Houthis are being extorted by the Iran-backed militia under the so called ” war effort”.

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