A Child Killed by a Houthi Sniper in Yemen

Houthis keep on killing innocent people, including kids, in cold blood.

 Ten-year-old Zainab Abdullah Ahmed Hilali was shot dead in the head by a sniper in Ould Rabie, el-Baidah Province in central Yemen.

The Yemeni kid was sitting nearby her house in Shawahra Village when a Houthis sniper shot her to death, a local source said.

In Hodeidah, one child was killed and another injured when a Houthi landmine exploded near a school in the outskirts of the Tahita , south of the city.

According to local sources, 8-year-old Moaz Mohammed Saeed was killed while his  14-year-old brother, Khalid Mohammed Said , was wounded by a Houthi landmine in the outskirts of al-Tahita.

Over the past period,  many innocent people have been killed by either Houthi snipers or landmines planted in farms, roads and inside buildings

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