Fierece Clashes Break out between Houthis and Tribesmen in  North Yemen

Violent  battles erupted  between Houthis and tribesmen in Hajour  District, Haja Province, north-west Yemen.

Following severe clashes that took place in an area called Qaryat,  Houthis used indiscriminate shelling on residential areas,  local sources said.

According to the same sources, Houthis deployed more fighters and armored vehicles in the surrounding areas after tribes had cut a supply line which prevented  Houthis from receiving reinforcement.

In response to the offensive launched by Houthis, the Saudi-led coalition lanuched air strikes which targeted and destroyed two tanks and two armored vehicles in Hajour  District, , north-west Yemen, a military source said.

The tension between Houthis and Hajour Tribes began several weeks ago when residents  rejected Houthis to position their gunmen in the area.

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