Houthis Blow up Two Houses in al-Dali South Yemen

According to local residents, Houthi gunmen blew up a resident’s house  just hours after blowing up another house  in al-Hasha, al-Dali Governate.

The residents said, in statements corresponded to ‘local sources’ , that Houthis blew up the resident’s  house in al-Hasha District after they stormed the area using  armored vehicles.

A few hours earlier, Houthis had blown up  the house of tribal leader Abdul Jalil Ahmed al-Hudhaifi in Najd al-Mukalla, following an attack on the area and clashes  with the residents.

It’s worth mentioning that Houthis used heavy weapons to storm the  villages of Muharram and Najd al-Mukalla in Al-Hasha District  where they clashed with the local residents,  who had to use their personal weapons.

Clashes between Houthis and local residents ragged on  before Houthis  managed to storm the villages, terrifying kids and women and kidnaping scores of civilians.

According to the local sources, the situation remains tense between the two parties

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