Houthi Militia Suffer Huge Losses on Saada, Taiz

The Army Forces have marched on their advancements against the Iran-backed Houthi militia in their stronghold, capturing a number of key positions and areas in the militia’s stronghold of Saada, according to official sources, who were quoted on Thursday.

The Army Forces – with support from the Saudi-led coalition – have liberated a number of strategic areas in the district of Baqim in the militia stronghold in northern Yemen. The forces also liberated Mount Al-Omani during the attack.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Army Forces have engaged in fierce battles with the Iran-backed Houthi militia fighters in the province of Taiz, where the battles resulted in tens of causalities on the ranks of the militia.

Furthermore, the forces have launched violent attacks on the sites and positions of the Iran-backed militia in a number of areas in the province of Taiz, killing more than ten and wounding several others, Colonel Hamid Al-Khalidi told the Yemen News Agency.

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