Head of Military Intelligence Dies of Wounds After Houthi Drone Attack on Airbase

Military intelligence director has died of his wounds three days after he sustained serious injuries in the Houthi militia drone attack that targeted Yemen’s largest Airbase of Al-And in the southern province of Lahj.

Brigadier General Saleh Tamah, the head of the Military Intelligence has sustained injuries earlier on Thursday when a military parade at Al-And Airbase was targeted by a Houthi drone, killing seven and wounding 11 others, including high-ranking military officials.

 Brigadier General Tamah has undergone a number of medical surgeries before he died Sunday’s morning in one of the hospitals in the interim capital of Aden, according to medics and other official sources.

At least seven loyalists — including Tamah — were killed and 11 injured in Thursday’s incident, which threatens to hamper United Nations-led peace efforts.

Among those injured were Yemen’s deputy chief of staff Saleh al-Zandani, senior army commander Fadel Hasan and Lahij governor Ahmad Abdullah al-Turki.

Turki and Zandani were transported to Saudi Arabia for treatment, a Yemeni official told AFP.

The UN voiced alarm on Friday following the attack and urged “all parties to the conflict to exercise restraint and refrain from further escalation”.

At talks in Sweden last month, the UN brokered several agreements between the Iran-aligned Houthi rebels and the Saudi-backed government seen as the best chance of ending nearly four years of devastating conflict.

The warring sides agreed on truce deals for the key rebel-held aid port of Hodeida and battleground third city Taiz.

The UN is working to schedule a new round of consultations, possibly in Kuwait, aimed at drafting a political framework.

The war between the Houthi militia and loyalist troops escalated in March 2015, when President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi fled into Saudi exile and a Saudi-led military coalition intervened.

Since then, the conflict has killed nearly 10,000 people and unleashed the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, according to the UN.

UN aid officials say 80 percent of the population — 24 million people — are in need of aid and nearly 10 million are just one step away from famine.

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