Supreme Directives to Step up Mobilization Against Houthi Militia in 3 Fronts

President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi has directed the army force to step up mobilization on multiple fronts, as officials of foreign ministry accused the Iran-backed Houthi militia of obstructing the peace process. This came following UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths’ briefing to the Security Council on the Stockholm agreement.

Hadi stressed the need of activating fronts and resistance in Sanaa, Saada, and Ibb as he received governors of these provinces on Thursday. He also called on tightening the noose on the Iran-militia and continue the liberation of territories occupied by them.

For his part, Foreign Minister Khaled al-Yamani revealed in his tweets that Houthis are refusing to withdraw from Hodeidah city and ports.

In the same context, Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammad Al-Hadrami said that repeated violations by the Houthi militia were obstructing peace efforts in Yemen.

Al-Hadrami as well confirmed during his meeting with Junaid Munir, the US Deputy Ambassador to Yemen, the need for the international community, the UN and the Yemen peace process sponsors to condemn the infractions and to have a firm position against the Houthis’ non-compliance.

He also claimed that the government has already made numerous concessions on the hope that the Stockholm agreement would resume the political process in Yemen.

“Since the Hodeidah ceasefire was announced on Dec. 18, the Houthi militia has violated its provisions on an ongoing basis. Up to January 7, there had been 434 violations with 33 people killed and 263 injured by sniper fire, mortars and ballistic missile,” the Permanent Representative of Yemen to the United Nations Abdullah al-Saadi said in his speech before the Security Council Wednesday.

He conveyed the government’s ongoing support for the Chair of the Redeployment Coordination Committee, saying that any delays or extensions of the established timeline should not become a Houthi militia tactic.

He emphasized that security in Hodeidah is the responsibility of local security forces, saying that the Yemeni law, as well as the United Nations Charter, recognize that there is only one legitimate Government in Yemen.  International efforts to restore the fabric of Yemeni society must not be undermined, he said, adding that lasting peace means ending an illegal coup d’état in which national institutions were taken, hostage.

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