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Houthi Militia Accused of Stalling Ceasefire Agreement Implementation

President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi has accused the Iran-supported Houthi militia of stalling the implementation of the Sweden ceasefire agreement on Hodeidah.

During a meeting with US Ambassador to Yemen Matthew Tueller, he said that the Houthis do not want peace and were therefore stalling in implementing the deal.

He said that they have continued their attacks against the people and looting of relief aid.

The United Nations’ World Food Program recently accused the militias of impeding and stealing aid deliveries, compounding the suffering of the people.

The international community, continued Hadi, must take a firm stance to pressure the Houthis to cease their violations against the people and commit to the Stockholm deal.

Furthermore, official sources said that the president had hailed US efforts aimed at supporting Yemen’s security, stability and territorial integrity.

He also praised it for supporting its political process and achieving peace based on the three references of the national dialogue outcomes, Gulf initiative and UN Security Council resolution 2216.

Meanwhile, UN special envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths had arrived in Sanaa on Sunday to pressure the Houthis to commit to the Sweden agreement, which calls for their withdrawal from Hodeidah and its three ports.

In the capital, he met with the prime minister of the illegitimate Houthi government, Abdulaziz bin Habtour, Foreign Minister Hisahm Sharaf and members of the militias who had taken part in the Sweden consultations last month.

Political and partisan sources said that since Griffiths’ arrival in Yemen, the Houthis have been attempting to divert his attention from their non-compliance with the ceasefire deal.

For instance, they claimed to have handed over control of Hodeidah city and its ports to security forces, who turned out to be affiliated to the militias. This step was taken without the consent of head of the UN monitoring team retired Dutch general Patrick Cammaert. The team is overseeing the implementation of the Sweden truce.

In addition, the Houthis brought in dozens of patients to Sanaa airport to receive Griffiths, in an attempt to persuade the envoy to exert pressure to reopen the facility.

This issue was a point of contention at the Sweden talks where the militias refused to turn it into a domestic airport.

The sources said that Griffiths rejected during his meetings with Houthi officials their unilateral decisions that have been taken without referring to the monitoring team. The envoy also met with Cammaert to discuss the latest progress in the ceasefire.

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