Hours After Truce was Announced in Hodeidah, Houthi Militia Fighters Attack Villages

Hours after their delegation in Sweden signed and announced a truce agreement with the legitimate government in the port city of Hodeidah, the Houthi militia fighters have attacked a village in southern Hodeidah on Thursday night, forcing families to flee their houses.

Ten of families were forced to leave Al Humainya in Haiys district after the Iran-aligned Houthi militia stormed the village, residents said.

“Late at night on Thursday and while we were sleeping, Houthi militia gunmen suddenly stormed our village from areas still under their control in the neighbouring mountains in western Haiys,” Faiysal Durami told The National. “They took positions on the roofs of some buildings and started shooting anything that moved in the village.

He added, “We tried to negotiate with them to take positions far from the village but they told us to leave our homes as soon as possible.”

Video footage sent to The National by the pro-government Al Amalikah Brigades showed men, women and children leaving their homes with their belongings loaded on donkey carts or carried on their shoulders.

“We could only use donkey carts because the Houthis let no cars to approach our village,” Mr Durami said.

“They kept shelling from the roof of a building near my house that used to be a public health centre,” another resident told The National. “My children were terrified and couldn’t sleep so I decided to leave the village and look for shelter in Khokha or any other place. Living outdoors in a safe place is much better than living in a house surrounded by the Houthis.”

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