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Dozens of Houthi-recruited Children Rescued, Rehabilitated by Coalition

The Saudi-led Arab Coalition has rescued and rehabilitated as many as 102 child soldiers (recruits) from the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

Speaking at a weekly press conference in the Saudi capital Riyadh on Monday, spokesperson Col. Turki Al-Maliki affirmed that the coalition is continuing its fight against Al-Qaeda and Daesh in Yemen.

He also said the coalition was continuing to grant permits to Yemeni ports and airports, however he added that Hodeidah port has been clear of ships for the past three days because the Iranian-backed Houthi militia has blocked vessels from entering.

Col. Al-Malki said 14 permits have been issued for ships heading to Yemeni ports, carrying food and petroleum products.

He added the coalition had issued 23 air permits, 14 maritime permits, 6 land permits, and 61 permits to protect convoys, a total of 104 permits, within 72 hours.

The coalition spokesperson added that there are five ships waiting to enter the port of Hodeidah and Saleef, and the waiting period is 26 days.

“The Houthi militia are affecting the Yemeni people by deliberately disrupting the entry and unloading of these five vessels,“he said.

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