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Houthi Militia Defeated in Multiple Frontlines

The Joint National Resistance Forces have marched on their battles against the Houthi militia fighters on multiple frontlines, in particular in the militia’s stronghold in Maran in the province of Saada, the Western Coast in the port city of Hodeidah.

After violent confrontations that resulted in dozens of Houthi militia causalities, the resistance forces stated earlier this week that they have made great advancements in the port city of Hodeidah.

Houthi snipers deployed on the rooftops of state facilities in the port city of Hodeidah were targeted by the forces of the National Joint Resistance during the past couple of days, according to local sources who preferred not to be mentioned for fears of revenge.

According to the same sources, fighting has renewed near Al-Saleh City, as the battleground has expanded to reach the fifty street near the University of Hodeidah, as also reached the areas behind Tihama Development Authority.

As for this, the Iran-backed Houthi militia has bombed liberated areas and villages east and south of Hodeidah and the Western Coast.

In the meantime, the forces of Al-Amaleqah Military Brigades, who are part of the National Resistance Forces, have declared they have surrounded the fighters of the militia in a couple of buildings, state facilities and houses of IDPs, who fled their homes due to the terror of the Iran-backed militia.

The above-mentioned forces also said that they would march on their incursion towards Hodeidah to liberate it from the control of Iranian-backed Houthi militias, the Brigades asserted in a brief statement published by its media center.

The Brigades also announced it targeted a Houthi gathering using a thermal missile in a position around the city, killing four and injuring several others.

Furthermore, al-Arabiya television reported that “an explosion took place in a Houthi arms depot near Hodeidah.”

In Taiz, clashes re-erupted as the army advanced in rural Haifan front. A military source told Asharq Al-Awsat that “the National Army forces liberated Dheban and Harat-Manzara mountains in al-Aboos, Haifan” and other areas. The source said that over 20 insurgents were killed and injured, indicating that battles were still ongoing in Harat area.

In Dhale, south of Yemen, the National Army forces continued to advance towards Damt.

“The Joint National Resistance Forces were able (Tuesday morning) to liberate al-Haqeb fort overlooking Damt, following fierce clashes with the militia stationed in the fort and city entrances of Khab region,” a website for the National Army quoted a field source as saying.

The fighting, which continued until Tuesday noon, resulted in the death and injury of a number of militants, while the army captured two militias snipers.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Ahmed al-Misri lauded the great victories achieved by the army on the fronts of Damt and Maris in Dhale.

This came during a meeting with Dahle governor, Major General Ali Moqbel Saleh, who briefed him on the latest security and military developments in the province.

Misri indicated that these victories were proof that these militias will soon be defeated, calling on citizens of Dhale to “stand together in the face of the Iranian insurgency project.”

In the meantime, the National Army announced the liberation of new sites in al-Malajem directorate, in Bayda governorate.

The Army Media Center quoted the commander of the 19th Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Ali Al-Kalibi, as saying that “Army forces on Malajem front were able to liberate Majzaa area on the west of al-Dayr strategic mountain range.”

Kalibi announced that more than eight Houthi militants were killed and others wounded during the battles.

Furthermore, as part of the military operation to liberate Saada, the National Army forces made new progress and advanced towards Razih province in the north.

National Army website “September.Net” quoted a field source in the 7th Brigade of the coast guard as saying that the forces have liberated al-Azhour and Muateq Luqman mountain as well as al-Thaher village.

Fighters of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy targeted several militia positions and reinforcements, while clashes left several militants dead and injured.

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