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KSA, UAE Pay Teachers’ Salaries Through UNICEF Project

In cooperation with the UNICEF, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia KSA and the United Arab Emirates UAE would pay the salaries of 135,000 teachers in the areas controlled by Houthi militia.

While educational professionals as well as educational unions are looking forward to this program, which aims to save the educational system, union sources in the capital Sanaa warned of Houthi attempts to obstruct the project and set conditions to ensure they will have part of the amounts allocated to each teacher.

Local sources in the educational sector have recently stated that the pressure exerted by the Houthi group on UNICEF to deduct amounts of the financial assistance intended to be given to teachers, in favor of some of the group’s leaders appointed in educational departments, namely brother of militia leader Yahya al-Houthi, Minister of Education in the unrecognized coup government.

The Iran-backed militia has demanded the UNICEF to deduct five dollars from the dues of each teacher to be given to educational leaders of the group, threatening he will not allow the disbursement of aid if his demands were not met, according to the same sources

The sources also dictated that thousands of teachers affiliated with Houthis must be assigned instead of others who stopped attending school because they were no longer receiving their salaries.

In a recent statement, the Prime Minister in the Houthi government Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor said his group is harnessing all resources it receives to finance more than 45 fighting front, while thousands of government employees, including teachers, starve in all areas under the group’s control.

An adviser to Saudi Royal Court and general supervisor of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSRelief) Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Rabiah announced the Saudi-Emirati support to teachers through the donation of $70 million to the salaries of teachers in Yemen, in cooperation with the UN and UNICEF.

Rabiah announced that each country will pay half of the sum. He was quoted by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) as saying, in a press statement, that the sum will boost the salaries of 135,000 teaching staff.

“The Saudi-led Coalition is following with concern the brotherly Yemeni people’s suffering of deteriorating economic and living conditions due to failure to pay monthly salaries to some categories in the country, mainly the teaching staff,” he noted.

Rabiah indicated that this comes as part of the continuing support offered by the coalition countries to end the humanitarian and economic sufferings of the Yemeni people with this support exceeding $17 billion from 2015 until now.

The coalition highlighted the importance of the unified international efforts supporting the humanitarian and economic initiatives in Yemen to avoid the worsening of the situation there, explained the adviser.

He added that the coalition attributed the responsibility of the deteriorating humanitarian and economic conditions in Yemen to the Houthi militias, who refuse to settle the conflict politically and commit to international resolutions.

UNICEF issued a statement appreciating the announcement from the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of “$70 million towards monthly cash stipends to teachers across Yemen.”

UNICEF will begin disbursing aid to Yemeni teachers as of November, which would prevent the total collapse of the educational process in areas under Houthi control, according to informed sources in Sanaa.

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