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Over 1000 Houthi-planted Mines Dismantled in Saada

The technical teams of the Army Forces have dismantled a massive quantity of landmines the Houthi militia has planted in multiple and different areas in the district of Kataf in the militia’s stronghold of Saada on Tuesday.

A senior military source said that the technical team has managed to dismantled as many as 1214 landmines in different forms and sizes in the front of Kataf, which is currently witnessing fierce fighting and advancements in favor of the Army Forces who are backed by the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia as well as the United Arab Emirates.

The same source pointed that the Houthi militia has planted such mines in the areas that were liberated by the Army Forces and that the militia intentionally planted the mines in the roads and farms of people in the district; a thing that threatens the lives of civilians in the area.

The military source stressed that the technical teams of the Army Forces are continuing their efforts in the Saada province to dismantle all Houthi-planted mines from everywhere across the province, so that to secure the liberate areas as a prelude for the return of the families and inhabitants of these areas.

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