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Several Militia Prominent Figures Killed in Western Coast

Backed by the Saudi-led Arab coalition, the Joint National Resistance Forces have stated that they have killed as many as eight senior Houthi militia field commanders on the Western coastal front in the port city of Hodeidah.

Senior official sources pointed that the eight Houthi militia commanders were all prominent military leading figures on the field, suggesting that they might have been ones of those trained by Iran. Most of the militia commanders were killed during clashes and confrontations over the past week, the sources stated, adding that the rebel-run TV channel (Al-Masirah) has acknowledged their death after being silent for a couple of days.

Other official statements pointed out that in a raid by coalition fighters south of Hodeidah, one of the most important leaders of the Houthi militia, Hisham Abdel-Samad al-Khalid, the first official for the strength of the cordon of the city of Hodeidah, was killed. He was the leader of the largest armed groups of the coup, and one of the most prominent Houthi leaders in the military police.

Among others killed were one of the most prominent leaders of the Houthi leadership, Muhammad Ali Mahdi al-Hassani, the official of the mobilization in the town of Khamis Bani Saad in the province of al-Mahweet, and the prominent field supervisor, Salah Ali Salah Faie, who is descended from Dahyan in Saada, the origin of the Houthi militia.

Also killed was the security leader, called “AbuFadl”, or Issam Mohammed Saad Mahdi, who was one of the companions of the so-called former political council head Saleh al-Samad, who himself was killed earlier this year in an airstrike.

The military sources said that the field commander Mohammed al-Abbasi, leader Mohammed al-Suhaili, Abdul Majid al-Hamzi, Ali al-Hazaari, and the “Abu Zaid al-Hammadi” and the “Aburqia” Ali Abdulrahman Saad al-Din were killed in specific operations by the Yemeni forces engaging in direct confrontations, along with targeted artillery fire and aerial bombardment by coalition forces.

On Friday, the Yemeni army backed by the Arab coalition, said it continued advancing in several districts of the governorate of Saada, taking control of new posts which were under the control of the Houthi militias, particularly in the districts of Zaher, Baqim and Kataf.

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