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Iran Accused Again of Aiding Houthis, Other Factions in the South

President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi has renewed his demand that Iran cease and stops its support for the Houthi militia in northern Yemen and other parties in the southern regions.

Hadi as well accused Iran of aiding some factions and forces in the south, he said that during a speech marking the 55th anniversary of the October 14 revolution.

The president pointed out that leaders in the South have accounts in Beirut and receive funding from Iran. The Aden television channel, which broadcasts from Beirut, is the greatest evidence of Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah party’s support for southern groups.

Hadi revealed that the Yemeni national army had captured members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and Hezbollah and they are being investigated.

In another context, the General People’s Congress (GPC), Al-Islah (Muslim Brotherhood), Yemeni Socialist Party, Nasserist Unionist People’s Organization, Al-Rashad Union, and other parties congratulated the president on the occasion of the October 14 revolution.

They said that the battle for freedom and restoring the Yemeni state is still “tightly linked to the values of the October revolt.”

They also called for maintaining the battle against the Houthis through all possible means. They reiterated their support for peace efforts sponsored by the United Nations and international community based on the vision proposed by Hadi before the UN General Assembly in September.

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