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Pre Hadi Sacks Prime Minister Ahmed Bin Daghar

President Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi has sacked Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid bin Daghar over the country’s economic crisis, and referred him to investigations, according to a Presidential Decree that was posted on the official FB page of the president and then reported by Saba news agency.

A statement issued by the presidency said that the dismissal was prompted by the “negligence that accompanied government services and work in the economic field.”

Hadi said bin Dagher will face an investigation over economic crisis

His statement also accused the government of “failing in easing the suffering of the Yemeni people, resolving their problems and meeting their demands given its inability to take real measures to stop the deterioration of the country’s economy.”

It highlighted the collapse of the local currency and the government’s failure in taking the necessary measures to face the Luban cyclone that struck Mohra.

President Hadi has appointed Dr. Moean Abdulmalik Sa’eed as the new PM, reported Saba.

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