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Tens of Houthi Militia Fighters Killed In Taiz

Dozens of Houthi militia fighters, who are backed by Iran, were killed, including senior field commanders and snipers, in Saudi-led Arab Coalition airstrikes and during clashes and confrontations with the Joint Resistance Forces in the city of Taiz.

 from the Iran-backed Houthi militias, including field commanders and snipers, were killed in raids by Arab Coalition jet fighters and in clashes with the Joint Yemeni Resistance Forces across Al Barah front in Maqbana District, Taiz governorate.

The offensive came as the Saudi-led Arab Coalition bombarded, in collaboration with the Joint Resistance Forces, a Houthi military concentration on the back of a precise reconnaissance operation that targeted the militia’s movements across al-Barh front in Maqbanah district in the city of Taiz and resulted in heavy human and material damage.

The offensive also dismantled a large number of tanks and other munitions used by the coup perpetrators to intimidate the civilians and succumb them to their subversive scheme.

The militia, in response, is desperately attempting to carry out retaliation offensives across different Red Sea Coast fronts to scale down the pressure their elements are sustaining across Hodeidah.

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